Our Story.


Beacon Medical Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of VIVO (Canadian TSX: VIVO). We hold 2 of the first 16 license granted to grow and cultivate medical products for Canadian medical patients.

Our indoor, small batch, GMP production facilities result in premium quality, consistent products. Our strictest standards include craft-like conditions and specially curated genetics – we don’t use pesticides. We focus on patient experience, and draw on the learnings from treating over 150,000 patients at our six Harvest Medicine clinics across Canada.

Beacon Medical Australia helps us bring this knowledge, care, and compassion to Australia patients.

Did you know?

Beacon’s pharmaceutical heritage means that we implicitly understand the importance of consistent, pharmaceutical grade medical products.

Our Values


Our mission is to advance patient care with innovative alternative therapies, developed to support and fulfil a patient’s quality of life.


Healthcare Professionals around the world trust Beacon Medical to provide industry-leading medicines. We develop these using natural ingredients of the highest quality, and strict process controls.


We are here to support every practitioner and patient through their medical journey.

Our Team.


HEAD OF BEACON MEDICALGeorge is a passionate, driven and solutions focused business leader. He is a strategic thinker with a long term vision. He specialises in building organisations in the medical space and in the process delivers positive outcomes for patients within healthcare.


Adam lives on Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast of QLD. He completed his master's degree in Sport Sciences specialising in teaching and coaching. After having been a teacher for several years, he transitioned to Pharmaceutical Industry. His professional career spans over two decades across sales, management and Learning and Development. In his roles he gained experience and thorough knowledge of primary care, both private and public hospital systems as well as pharmacy. As L&D professional, he facilitated career development for many participants of his courses. Recently he has found his passion in medicinal cannabis believing in more integrated approach to managing one's health and well-being. In free time he enjoys bee keeping, growing own food, and spending time in nature. He is an advocate of mindfulness.


MEDICAL SCIENCE LIAISON- Andrew Clarke brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and strategic partnership – building skills with over 15 years in the healthcare Industry he has an extensive background in both Medical science and account management and is passionate in delivering better patient outcomes.



How we work


Professionalism is at the forefront of Beacon Medical. Our growing operations are home to some of the most technologically advanced indoor growing facilities in the world. This allows us to have complete control over the environment and the consistency of products produced.

Science matters

Our relationships with some of the world’s most revered researchers and thought leaders mean that our products will remain at the cutting edge of medicine.

Quality assurance

Our QA processes set the bar for quality and compliance in medical production. Working closely with Health Canada and third parties, we continually undergo inspections to ensure that consistency and quality are maintained. We are committed to delivering high-quality and reliable medicines.